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Light The Night Toronto

Molly, then and now - the Miracle
Molly, then and now - the Miracle

Molly's Miracle

Light The Night brings communities across Canada together for one magical evening to share stories, remember loved ones lost and pay tribute to our heroes, bringing light, love and hope to dispel the darkness of blood cancers!

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Molly's story:

On August 12, 2014, our sweet and beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Molly, was diagnosed with high-risk pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Scared, and in shock, our family began a journey that would change the perfect little world we had come to know and love. After several tests and scans, Molly was also diagnosed with Hypopituitarism, causing her to be in adrenal and growth hormone deficient, further complicating Molly’s Leukemia diagnosis. We were told that it was as though Molly had been struck by lightning twice.

We spent the next few weeks trying to adjust to life in the hospital as Molly began her treatment. After Molly’s first round of chemo, she developed several infections. Molly fought hard but without an immune system her tiny and weak body was overtaken by infection and was unable to fight them on her own; soon after she was rushed to the pediatric intensive care unit and placed on life support. Molly spent the next 47 days fighting for her life. Day after day, the team worked tirelessly strategizing and treating Molly, never giving up. With the hard work and dedication of the ICU and oncology team, led by Dr. Angela Punnett, Molly started to recover and her body began gaining strength. It was evident that cancer had chosen the wrong little girl.

Even though we had been given some sparks of hope, the fight didn’t end there. Our family spent the next 5 months living on the oncology ward at the Hospital for Sick Children as Molly had to re-learn how to talk, walk and eat all while receiving her treatment for her leukemia. These months had many dark times. There were days filled with anxiety and worry, sleepless nights, and holidays spent in the hospital isolated from those we loved and missed. However, our Molly, in all of her strength and grace, and her baby sister Maisie remained our guiding lights, always smiling and laughing even in the darkest times. Supported by the love and expertise of Dr. Angela Punnett, our beloved 8A nurses, and the incredible team at SickKids, the time finally came when we could go home.

Molly’s treatment continued for a total of 2.5 years. There were many hospital admissions, infections and setbacks along the way, but we can now look back with sincere gratitude and appreciation for everyone that shone a light for us during these trying years. Our friends and family supported us by walking in Light the Night for the past two years, for Molly’s Miracle.

Today Molly is 9 years old and in 4th grade. She continues to have a love for life that makes us very proud. She continues to be in remission and we pray every day that she stays well.

Molly will share with you that she loves to listen to music, to dance and to sing and also swim and skate. Her favourite food is pizza and her favourite books to read are the Ralph the Mouse stories by Beverly Cleary .
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Molly's Miracle

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Molly's Miracle is participating in Light The Night Toronto on October 22 to fight blood cancers.

We’re proud to support the blood cancer community through Light The Night.

Blood cancers are the fifth most common form of cancer in Canada, affecting more than 155,000 Canadians—our family members, our friends and neighbours, our colleagues, ourselves. But together, we can shine a light toward a future without blood cancers.

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