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**UPDATE**  The pharmaceutical company that manufactured my medication ceased production in September :*(  I am in the midst of battling with my insurance company to provide coverage for the new  medication my Hematology Oncologist has prescribed ~ so far the claim has been denied twice. (sigh)  All your prayers and well-wishes are appreciated!  Also, if you feel so inclined, think about writing to your local MP with regards to the fact so very many cancer medications are not covered by the Canadian healthcare system, let alone most private insurance agents.  Free medicare indeed... the system needs an overhaul!

In early 2018, I was diagnosed with a rare chronic blood cancer called Myeloproliferative Neoplasm - Essential Thrombocythemia.  The discovery was random and shocking, as I had simply gone for a regular checkup and bloodwork with a new family physician.  After genetic testing and a bone marrow biopsy, the diagnosis was confirmed.  I spent the next 2 yrs or so on the "wait and watch" protocol.  Fast-forward to the Fall of 2020 and my symptom burden had progressed to the point the protocol was no longer working.  I initiated immunotherapy / biologic chemotherapy in late November and since that time I have been receiving injections 3x weekly at home.  My fatigue has lessened, my bone pains have dwindled and my blood counts are almost all back within normal range!  The upsetting part however is that I will likely never be able to come off this medication, for fear of a rebound effect of symptom burden and blood counts.

Through it all however, I remain grateful.  I have learned a sense of calm and presence in myself I never thought possible.  I am surrounded by a fantastic support system of family & friends and I know I am loved.  I also know, deep in my heart, I will beat this thing!


Light The Night brings communities across Canada together for one magical evening to share stories, remember loved ones lost and pay tribute to our heroes, bringing light, love and hope to dispel the darkness of blood cancers!

We are taking the first step and showing our support.

In 2020, my team was able to fundraise $3725!!  Pretty impressive for a first time out I'd say!  So we've raised the bar this year!  Please join our team today and/or donate if you are able! :)

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Gregg's Angels

Gregg's Angels is participating in Light The Night Ottawa on October 23 to fight blood cancers.

In 2020 we made history, and for the first time Canadians celebrated on the same day, virtually. The community reunited and raised close to $5 million to support blood cancers, despite the pandemic.

Now in 2021, COVID-19 continues to significantly impact people affected by a blood cancer.

Never has our community needed us more. Never has the challenge been greater.

Never has it been more important to take back the light that cancer and COVID -19 have tried to take away!

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