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The Jim Abernethy Challenge

Presented by Marsh
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Welcome to The Jim Abernethy Challenge! Jim Abernethy was a member of the Marsh family, an outstanding leader, colleague and friend who we lost last year after his battle with lymphoma. Join us to honour Jim’s legacy with the inaugural 30 day challenge in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, August 19 – September 15, 2021. Some of you may know that Jim was an avid cyclist so we have designed this challenge to get all of us moving. You can cycle, run, walk or choose any activities that you love! There will be awards for top fundraiser, top cyclist (KM’s), top runner/walker (KM’s), top hours of activity (hours logged) and an overachiever award for the top fundraiser & top activity!

Please check back to see how the challenge teams are progressing towards their collective goal of raising $500,000.

Fundraise Passionately, Donate Generously and STAY CALM & CARRY ON!

How it works!

1. Register a team to compete in the challenge
2. Recruit team members
3. Join the virtual challenge launch on August 18th
4. Compete – Get active & fundraise!
5. Attend the celebration and awards event – date TBD

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Event Name Amount Members
Light The Night Toronto



Light The Night London



Light the Night Montreal



Light The Night Halifax



Light The Night Saskatoon



Light The Night Ottawa



Light The Night Vancouver



Light The Night Calgary



Team Name Event Name Amount Members
Jim Abernethy Challenge Sponsors Light The Night Toronto



Marsh Marchers SWO Light The Night London



Marsh - The Empowering Force Light the Night Montreal



SPARK: Rise and Grind and Bind Light The Night Toronto



EZ Riders Light The Night Toronto



Marsh Cyber Ran-Somewhere Light The Night Toronto



Team EvCan Light The Night Toronto



Marsh-Haligonians Give to Live Light The Night Halifax



QuadReal Collaborators Light The Night Toronto



Ecclesiastical Insurance Light The Night Halifax



Participant Name Event Name Amount
Jim Abernethy Challenge Sponsors Light The Night Toronto


Judi Smith Light The Night London


Juana Cabanas Light the Night Montreal


Lisa Drolet Light The Night Toronto


Jonathan Weekes Light The Night Toronto


Jeff Mills Light The Night Halifax


Dan Burns Light The Night Toronto


Alexandra Kindbom Light The Night Toronto


Tanya Sinha Light The Night Toronto


Mark Cooper Light The Night Toronto


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