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Associated Engineering is participating in Light The Night Calgary on October 23 to fight blood cancers.

Light The Night brings communities across Canada together for one magical evening to share stories, remember loved ones lost and pay tribute to our heroes, bringing light, love and hope to dispel the darkness of blood cancers!

Our Associated Engineering family has been participating for the past two years and are excited to continue showing our support this year by coming together to fundraise and raise awareness.

There are so many ways to show support but one way we would appreciate you do this is by donating to our team.

We have staff with personal connections to those dealing with this illness and are hopeful for more research and cures to come from this fundraising.

Join our team today.



In 2020 we made history, and for the first time Canadians celebrated on the same day, virtually. The community reunited and raised close to $5 million to support blood cancers, despite the pandemic.

Now in 2021, COVID-19 continues to significantly impact people affected by a blood cancer.

Never has our community needed us more. Never has the challenge been greater.

Never has it been more important to take back the light that cancer and COVID -19 have tried to take away!

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Event Name Amount Members
Light The Night Calgary



Team Name Event Name Amount Members
AE ABS - Group/Admin/BD Light The Night Calgary



AE ABS - Transportation Light The Night Calgary



AE ABS - Infrastructure - Water Res, Municipal & Industrial Light The Night Calgary



AE ABS - Water - Mechanical, Structural & EI&C Light The Night Calgary



AE ABS - Environmental & Strategic Services Light The Night Calgary



Participant Name Event Name Amount
Kari Lawlor Light The Night Calgary


Taylor Caldwell Light The Night Calgary


Mandy Shum Light The Night Calgary


Roya Pishgar Light The Night Calgary


Danielle Nyarko Light The Night Calgary


Louise Howatt Light The Night Calgary


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