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Man and Woman of the Year - Toronto

Leadership Team Toronto

Welcome to the MWOY Leadership Committee Page.

We are a group of volunteers destined to make a difference for the blood cancer community. Over the past couple of months we have been working behind the scenes to nominate and recognize the amazing group of candidates we have for the 2022 MWOY Class! 

Join us by making a donation to our page to support the fundraising activities that we alongside the LLSC have organized. 

Thank you for supporting the blood cancer community.

Aaron Bain (Leadership Committee, Co-Chair)
Tina Byers (Leadership Committee, Co-Chair - visit Team Raveel to support Tina)
Matthew Manol
Alexander Ince (visit Team Stephen to support Alex)
Elke Rubach (visit Team Nicole Finelli to support Elke)
Nina Larsen (visit Team Ashley to support Nina)


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Leadership Team Toronto


Leadership Team Toronto

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